Educational Activity Sheets & Story Guides that make learning the Bible fun for kids!

These Educational Activity Sheets make learning the Bible fun for kids.

Get instant access to Activity Sheets and Bible Story Guides
for virtually every story in the Bible!

Why spend hours searching for Bible lesson aids? With more than 600 reproducible Bible Activity Sheets and Bible Story Guides plus our easy-search features, you can find everything you need with a couple of taps on your keyboard.

With your membership to Children’s Worship Bulletins, you’ll receive access to our entire archive of hundreds of puzzles and activity sheets that will help you actively involve children in learning. Online access lets you download materials anytime, anywhere. Search by keyword, Scripture or topic, and enjoy unlimited use for every teacher and leader in your church.

Activity Sheets for younger children

Activity Sheets For Younger Ages

Dot-to-dots, mazes and other simple activities are suitable for younger kids. 

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Activity Sheets for older children

Activity Sheets for Older Ages

Math codes, word searches, puzzles and other challenging activities are perfect for older

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We even have story guides & maps designed especially for the teacher

You’ll find story guides and maps to help you teach the lesson. They’re so convenient and easy to absorb that they’re ideal for the last-minute substitute teacher. And our new Lesson search feature helps you find the map you need ... fast.

Story Guides

Story Guides

Every activity sheet also includes a Story Guide. With this guide and a little preparation, an adult can be ready to teach the lesson and then turn kids loose on the activities.

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Maps & Charts

Maps & Charts

Many maps and charts are available to help teach biblical geography. These maps help reinforce the lesson

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Get more than 600 Bible Activity Sheets and 1,500 Children’s Bulletins from one convenient source.

Important Features of Children’s Worship Bulletins:

  • Reproducible and easy to use
  • Unlimited use for every teacher and leader in your church
  • Activities for older and younger ages
  • Downloadable anytime, anywhere
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Always growing
  • Searchable by Scripture, keyword, topic, lesson, etc.
  • A lifesaver for secretaries, teachers and parents at home 
  • Affordable
  • A great way to build Bible literacy
  • Comprehensive! Virtually every story of the Bible is covered
  • An excellent curriculum supplement or curriculum builder

Need ideas and material to build your own curriculum? Need material to supplement VBS? Need a program for junior church? Want a kids activity to match the pastor's message? Need something for a last-minute replacement teacher? Need to fill extra time in a Sunday school classroom? 

Don’t spend hours searching magazines and books for Bible lesson aids. The Children’s Worship Bulletins library of bulletins and Bible activity sheets is your one-stop source. The messages are basic, positive and acceptable to Christian churches of all persuasions. The teaching is clear, simple and faithful to the Scriptures.  

Now, included in your membership, you can access our entire archive of more than 600 reproducible Bible Activity Sheets and Story Guides — activities that engage youngsters in Bible lessons and make learning fun — all from one convenient source.  

And here’s something very important: Every member of Children’s Worship Bulletins — no matter which membership you’re on — gets complete access to the Bible Activity Sheets and accompanying Story Guides that adults can use to teach the lesson. These Bible Activities are perfect for substitute teachers, vacation Bible school and seasonal programs. And the Story Guides are so complete they can even be used to spark adult discussions. 

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Your membership also includes access to hundreds of Bulletins from every book of the Bible!

Your membership provides unlimited access to an enormous online library of bulletins built around passages from every Bible book — both Old and New Testaments! These Bible-based bulletins are engaging worksheets that are perfect for Sunday worship services, Children’s Church programs, Sunday school and take-home activities. Bulletins are a fun, quiet way to involve kids in worship and teach them the Bible.   

Each bulletin is carefully designed using proven educational methods and endorsed by Christian educators and pastors of all denominations. Because they teach basic Scripture knowledge, not doctrine, the bulletins are perfect for all Christian churches.  

Activity Sheets

Select from two age groups.

With two age-group versions, you can select the one that best meets your needs. Choose from Ages 3-6 and Ages 7-12. Both groups are filled with pictures, codes, puzzles, seek-and-finds, mazes, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures, word games and more. 

Story Guides

Customize and personalize your bulletins.

Children's Worship Bulletins help children identify with your congregation. And when kids take them home, the bulletins become an advertisement for your church, an evangelism tool to share with others and a reminder to check out your church’s website from home. You can even add a logo or illustration. 

Terrific for Kids

Terrific for kids:

  • They get actively involved in Bible lessons and sermons ...
  • They remember important truths ...
  • They build Bible literacy appropriate to their age ...
  • They look forward to learning ...
Convenient for You

Convenient for you:

  • Find activities in a matter of minutes ...
  • Download and print as many as you need ...
  • Eliminate hours of searching in books and magazines ...
  • Keep Bible lessons fresh and new with ever-growing activity collections ...

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"I have been teaching children's Sunday school for 46 years and this is the best source for puzzles, pictures, etc. that I have ever found. I used to have to search for hours each week to get the items I needed for the lesson. Thank you for a great source."


"I have been using Children's Bible Activities for over a year now and I think you guys are doing a superb job! Your lessons are all biblically based and provide a challenge for older elementary students as well as younger ones. You are always coming up with something new. I ESPECIALLY like your new Maps and Charts."

"Thank you all for such great content and materials. My students greatly enjoyed using all the resources you have available. Thanks again!"


"I usually try to find free activities and sheets to supplement my children’s lessons and end up spending a lot of time at the computer with a lot of dead ends, as happened this morning. [After subscribing] within 5 minutes, I found exactly what I wanted and had it printed shortly after."

"We desire to give a great BIG PRAISE THE LORD! for you in providing lesson materials in our time of need here in a little Native American Mission in Alaska. You are awesome in these teaching lessons. THANK YOU & God Bless you."

—Pastors Dave & Karen Mitchell

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